Design A Good Mobility Strategy: Idle Mode & Cell Reselection Optimization

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Design A Good Mobility Strategy: Idle Mode & Cell Reselection Optimization

A good mobility strategy serves as a backbone for any network as it controls the main KPIs, traffic management and network experience. The first session on mobility strategy guidelines cover the idle mode parameters along with the recommendations to ensure a good stable idle mode operation. It explains cell reselection, load balancing and traffic management using idle mode parameters.

Note – The values of idle mode parameters shown in the video are effective values. However, these values are obtained by adding the parameter values in the qRxLevMin.


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  1. Hi Ali, nice one, just I would like to add that those parameters you mentioned are in SIB3(intrafreq), SIB5(interfreq), SIB6(UMTS) and SIB7(GSM) in LTE, per each layer as the UE is in idle mode it will read and acquire all those parameters from serving cell SIBs. Some params are 1dB step, others are 2dB step. Also Treselection is important too.

  2. Excellent tutorial and very helpful. Please correct me if I am wrong. ThreshXhigh is for moving UE from current serving frequency/RAT to Higher priority Frequency/RAT. It will be triggered when UE see that higher priority frequency is better than ThreshXhigh irrespective of current frequency condition. Example: qRxlevmin= -120 , ThreshXhigh = 8, then if UE see higher priority frequency is better than(-120 +8*2) -104. UE will reselect to higher prio frequency. So if we want to pump traffic in Hiher prio frequency/RAT we need to reduce ThreshXhigh (from 8 to 6 may be).

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