Learn All About Mobility In 15 mins: Handovers, Reselections, Redirections And Tips & Tricks!

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Learn All About Mobility In 15 mins: Handovers, Reselections, Redirections And Tips & Tricks!
This session covers an overview of mobility explaining basics about mobility procedures like handovers and redirections. It also includes guidelines about correct design of handover and mobility thresholds along with tips and tricks for KPI optimization. Last but not the least, it explains how connected mode and idle mode mobility comes together and provides examples of common mistakes observed in various networks.

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  1. Surely this comparison to avoid ping pong within Idle/Connected Mode & between Idle and Connected mode will help a lot… Thanks for the detailed video!!!

  2. Ali, thanks, again such a wonderful presentation. For beginners, all the parameters for connected mode are received by UE in RRC Connection reconfiguration messages. There you will see measobjid (for which frequency there needs to be measurements) then reportconfigid ( what type of event is to be measured and for which measurement type like rsrp/rsrq and reported with its threshold, offset, hysteresis, time to trigger, report periodicity etc) and also measid ( measurement report id that matches a specific measobjid and a specific reportconfigid). Then when you will see a measurement report ID =5 for example you will know for sure to which frequency belongs that report ( from measobjid of that measurement id=5 for example EARFCN 3050) and what event was reported and for which PCI ( inside the measurement report there is the PCI of the neighbor cell that triggered the event for example event A5 for PCI 389). What Ali forgot to mention is that those days UEs are hardly staying in idle mode, most of the time are in connected mode. So mobility in connected mode is more important than mobility in idle mode.

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