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Scuba Gear Testing – Apeks XTX50 Regulator

Apeks scuba diving equipment is said to be inspired by technical diving, but designed for use by any diver. Apeks equipment is being used in some of the harshest and extreme environments. Apeks is used by several police, fire departments and militaries around the world. Apparently, all of the British navy’s first stages are made by Apeks. Apeks has been part of the Aqua Lung family since 1997. Aqua Lung uses Apeks designs for their regulators.

The Apeks XTX50 regulator allows for smooth breathing, so not much effort needed to breathe. It features a Diver Changeable Exhaust system which gives the diver the option of changing from a small exhaust tee to a large exhaust tee. The resulting exhaust tees allow for either minimal bubbles which is better for photography or a smaller compact regulator for comfort. The regulator comes with both sets of exhaust tees.

There is a 5th port option available if you want sidemount or twin cylinder set ups which are often used in cave diving or deeper dives. Some people just prefer sidemount because it makes them more streamline while others like diving with two tanks so „air” won’t be the limiting factor for the dive time. These configurations are often associated with technical diving, but it’s being used by recreational divers as well. Technical diving is considered deep dives, cave diving, interior shipwreck diving, or any type of dive in an extreme environment or increased hazards beyond the regular recreational dives. Scuba Kitty is a PADI Junior Master Diver, but only does recreational dives as the maximum dive depth for her is 70 feet based on her certifications. She would also need a lot more training in order to ease into tech diving. Apeks equipment allows for a rec diver to venture into the tech diving world more easily as their specialized training and experience allows.

Another configuration change that is an option with this Apeks regulator is switching from a right-handed hose configuration to a left-handed configuration. This change must be done only by an authorized Apeks service technician. This allows you more options for how your gear is set up which can make for a more comfortable dive.

It is available in yoke or DIN which is mostly important in what tank you use when renting a tank. Always make sure the scuba shop you are renting a tank from knows if you need a yoke or DIN connection. There is an adaptor to convert some tanks from one to the other, but not all tanks have this option. You can purchase an adaptor for your regulator which could help avoid the tank connection issue as well.

All hoses on Apeks regulators as now braided flexi-hoses which as lighter, more flexible, and more durable. The over-balanced, diaphragm design of this regulator allows for easy smooth breathing at any depth. The rotating turret has angled ports that allow for better hose routing. The purge button is large and easy to use. The large venturi lever makes it easy to locate and change your air flow as well as it being a smooth operation due to designed to keep out grit. The environmental dry system prevents ice build-up and keeps silt & contaminants out. The second stage’s molded parts are made with a product that protects against many bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses. These things make for a more comfortable dive experience.

If this sounds like a regulator for you then please go to www.apeksdiving.com for more information.



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