Solid-State Batteries Will Be THE END of Lithium Battery According To Elon Musk 🔥

Toyota, the biggest global car manufacturer, is about to change the world with solid state batteries. With its new solid state battery technology, Toyota will have the automobile industry eating out of its hands. They will be defining what car manufacturing looks like in the future and keep a tight hold on the supremacy of their products.

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Industry experts have said that Toyota occupies the top position in solid-state battery technology. The Japanese government has assisted Toyota in a lot of development and research to get solid-state batteries to a place where they are affordable and easy to manufacture. Apart from the money that the Japanese government has given for funding, Toyota is also spending about 13.6 billion dollars of its funds to get battery technology to the level they need it.
By 2028, according to Nicki Asia, Toyota would have dropped the first electric vehicle to run on a solid-state battery.
According to the European Patent Office and International Energy Agency, Toyota has successfully gotten over 1,000 patents on solid-state batteries to its name. In fact, between 2014 and 2018, Toyota recorded the largest patent applications on solid-state technology ever. So, even though Toyota’s name might not always be in the news it is clear that the company cares about improving transportation’s effect on the planet.

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  1. Charging in 10 minutes? Yeah right! For a 500 Km ride? BS! No mention is made of the total Ampere Hours this battery must store, and to put that amount of AH into the battery in 10 minutes would require huge capacity power source and big cable and plug connections, nothing like you will find at one’s home installation. You can’t take out more than you put into the battery. Where is all this electricity going to come from? Renewable Power? Yeah right! Please you lot are dreaming.

  2. So just buy Tesla’s until Toyota comes out with their solid state batteries. They already have 500km range and the best charging network. They are way better than a hybrid. Got mine in 2018.

  3. Toyota are finished ! They backed the wrong horse with hydrogen and their solid state battery is years away if ever in meaningful mass market manufacturing terms. Given they have actively tried to inhibit the sales of battery electric vehicles by spreading lies and fear mongering about them, coupled to the fact they are a top anti climate lobbyist I personally hope they go bust as quickly as possible. Good riddance 🙂

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